Style Tips For A Man With A Dad bod

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Style Tips For A Man With A Dad bod

If you’re not going to the gym like before and enjoying a few extra beers on the weekend, it is likely that you’ve gained a little extra weight on that torso. The dad bod is a new body type for men and is described as “softly round” by Urban Dictionary. The dad bod has been associated with Jon Hamm, Alec Baldwin and Leonardo Dicaprio. The stigma around the dad bod is that a man who has a dad bod gets it because he stops maintaining his sculpted physique after having found a partner and fathered a child. If he’s not a father then he’s probably single but just looks “fatherly” across the tummy for some reason. There’s no judgment directed at your belly from our side, though; we’re not a fitness blog. However, we do have some dad bod related style tips for you that wouldn’t involve any carb-cutting or gym investment.


Before we start, we have to clarify that a dad bod doesn’t mean “fat.” A dad bod either means an oval or a triangular shaped body. A man with a triangular body will be larger around the waist and hips and gets narrower as you head up towards the shoulders. His legs and arms are usually in shape as compared to his paunch. On the other hand, an oval shaped gent appears rounder, especially at the center of the body. The shoulders and the lower part of the legs look slimmer as compared to the round figure. However, these men tend to have large thighs, completing the rounded look of their silhouette.


What You Should Avoid?

When a man with a dad bod dresses, his goal should be to divert people’s attention from your belly region. In order to achieve that, you should avoid wearing patterns such as horizontal stripes that only makes a person look wider. Stay away from busy prints as well; they just look very overdone on larger men. Another thing you should avoid wearing is a colored belt because it draws attention towards your belly and doesn’t help to hide your dadbod. As they emphasize the thickness of your thighs, you must avoid wearing skin fit trousers and overly tapered ankles. If you have shorter legs along with a dad bod, you should avoid going for sneakers and boots because they will make you appear even shorter and chunky.


What You Should Wear

If you accentuate your shoulder line, some of the roundness of your dad bod will not be visible as it slims down your body from the chest to the knees. The hips and thigh region is the roundest part of a dad bod, so you should go for tailored and straight trousers in order to create the illusion of balance throughout your body frame. Use accessories with bright colors and prints to accentuate your leaner features such as bags, caps and sneakers.