A Quick Guide To The Chore Jacket

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A Quick Guide To The Chore Jacket

What Is The Chore Jacket?

Originating in the late 1800s, the chore jacket started off as a French worker jacket. Worn as a workman jacket by almost all the French laborers, the chore jacket usually came in blue and symbolized all the laborers, which later on caused it to become the icon of French workforce. Famous for its relaxed fit and large pockets, the French jacket is making its way back into fashion as more and more people realize how good looking it is. As usual, many brands are rolling out their own versions of this cotton work jacket for people to add it in their everyday style. In our opinion, the chore jacket provides one of the best jacket styles to men, so read further and learn everything that you should know about this jacket.


The Chore Jacket Today

In past times, the French chore jacket was a widely recognized work uniform—the best work coat. This enduring, practical and functional piece of clothing was worn with matching trousers, and now, it is a jacket that only gives off stylish vibes. Nowadays, the chore jacket is being pushed to become a new stylish men’s piece for everyday streetwear. For extra protection, these jackets are basically made of a heavy cotton drill or moleskin.


How You Should Wear The Chore Jacket

Many cool utility brands like Dickies and Carhartt have made their own versions of the jacket, rolling them out in different colors but still not forgetting how important the color blue is to the jacket. As the jacket is made from heavy fabrics, it is ideal to invest in it during the transitional weather phase that is very tough for men’s styling.

If you’re going for the original blue chore jacket, it is best to wear them with a pair of beige chinos. The understated beige of the chinos will allow the jacket to stand out and shine. The chore jacket is great for layering; from a simple T-shirt to an Oxford shirt, you can layer anything with the chore jacket. Layer according to the occasion you’re dressing for, though. Also, keep in mind that the chore jacket is not very appropriate for extremely smart outfits.


The chore jacket is the new trend of this year. Other than opting for a blue colored denim jacket, you can choose a classic chore jacket. They are even available in different colors now (beige and khaki look very good on them). Style your chore jacket with a pair of chinos, and if you are deciding to wear them on a relatively cold day, make sure you layer it up because, despite being made of heavy fabrics, the chore jacket isn’t as warm as a denim jacket. Wear a plain shirt over a T-shirt with your chore jacket on top. And don't forget to roll up your chinos.


Even though the chore jacket is in, it is still a utility piece and also harder to pull off. It is also very casual looking, so don't try to pull it off on a really formal event. Instead, go for a blazer.

For a game changer smart and casual look, wear the blue or beige chore jacket (khaki would be a little too casual), pair it up with slim fit chinos, preferably in beige or stone, and complete your look with a pair of white loafers.

With a beige jacket, just reverse the colors and go with blue slim fit chinos. Pairing the jacket with chinos in a lighter shade of beige can be risky but would look cool if done right.