The Five Most Favorite Pieces Of Adrien Brody

The Five Most Favorite Pieces Of Adrien Brody

The Five Most Favorite Pieces Of Adrien Brody

For those unfortunate people who are not familiar with the name Adrien Brody: he is best known for having won an Academy Award in 2003 for his subtle and heartbreaking performance in the World War II drama film “The Pianist.” Adrien Brody has shown the world a number of times that he is an extremely talented actor, but little do people know that he is an amazing painter as well. Adrien Brody showed his first series of paintings at Domingo Zapata's pop up gallery at the Lulu Laboratorium, which was very well received by art critics and fans. Brody titled the series “Hot dogs, Hamburgers and Handguns,” and, as said by the creator himself, it features pop culture obsessions, including fast food and violence. Apart from being immensely talented in the fields of acting and painting, Adrien Brody has a great personal style that is very unique. You will never see anyone pull off an embroidered tuxedo as good as Adrien Brody. Here are the five most favorite pieces of the multitalented style icon, Adrien Brody, which he revealed in one of his interviews.



In the interview, Adrien Brody mentioned that he wears his Bonds gray hoodie almost every day. He got that hoodie as a gift from someone. The hoodie is lightweight and fits Adrien Brody perfectly. It also matched Brody's nomadic lifestyle at that time as he could just throw it in his backpack at a moment's notice.


Adrien mentioned that a pair of black combat boots from Steve Madden was a part of his character's wardrobe in a movie. He loved the zip-up boots so much that he basically took them home with himself. He bought another pair after that and said that he planned to wear them with a suit or just with a pair of jeans while he's hanging out. Adrien Brody has worn these boots with a tuxedo, and we're pretty sure that some fashion critic must've noticed that and called it a bold move.


Either because of growing up in New York or just the ease of grabbing something and running out the door (or both), Adrien Brody is often pretty monochromatic. However, for some reason, he goes for his purple Dolce & Gabbana motorcycle jacket very often. He likes to layer it with his hoodie when he travels. If you're noticing, everything is zip-up. Adrien Brody can undress very quickly!

Wrist Watch

Adrien Brody loves Bulgari. He wears the Bulgari Octo watch as he loves it for its subtlety, elegance and versatility. Even before Bulgari, he has always liked well-designed and elegant mechanical things. He even used to restore muscle cars when he was in high school. Then when he started making big, he bought watches.


Now Adrien Brody's favorite thing: the infamous King Kong hat. It has been with him since the premiere of King Kong, so it's more than 10 years old now. Brody got the hat from a fan when he was being ushered down the street and his fan ran over to him and gave him the hat. It meant so much to Adrien Brody that the hat is seen atop his head everywhere he goes. One time, the hat fell into a lake when Adrien was boating and he went back and retrieved it. That's how much he loves it.