How to choose the right gym outfits for men

How to choose the right gym outfits for men

Choose right gym outfits? Why?

Because appropriate clothes can make a lot of difference while you workout.

Too tight or loose clothes will limit your movement during the workout and you’ll not be able to focus on the exercise completely.

That’s why, proper gym outfits are designed. There is plenty available in the market. Perhaps that’s the reason we often get confused.

Worry not. We’re here to help. Just check out this list of:

Important things to keep in mind while choosing a Gym Outfits

It will help you make the right choice while buying yourself new outfits for the gym. Let’s begin:

1. Choose clothes that absorb sweat

Sweat is something you can’t avoid during the workout. You exercise, you sweat.

Now, if you wear such type of gym outfits that don’t absorb sweat (outfits made of plastic or rubber-based materials), your body temperature will remain too high during the workout which is not a wise decision – especially during summers.

So, look for clothes that wick the sweat away from your skin and keep your body cool. There are many such synthetic fibers in the market.

Fibers like COOLMAX® and SUPPLEX® are also an excellent choice but they don’t soak sweat and leave you feeling sweaty and uncomfortable after the workout session. Similar is the problem with cotton.

2. Pick clothes that make you feel comfortable

Comfort is the first thing that you need to keep in mind while picking up the right gym outfit.

While too tight clothes restrict your body movement while exercising, you have the chances of getting tripped and fall if the clothes are too loose.

Apart from this, you also have the risk of being a laughing stock in undersized or oversized clothes.

Do you want that?

Surely not. Hence, I suggest you choose a gym dress that fits you properly.

3. Gym outfits vary with the season

You can’t wear the same gym clothes for the whole year. As the conditions are different in each season, the choice of clothes also vary.

Here’s how to choose the right gym outfit for each weather:


As the weather is hot and sweaty in summers, you should choose a dress that absorbs sweat and keeps your body cool.

Cotton clothes or the clothes made of fibers like COOLMAX® and SUPPLEX® can be a great option.


Choose a gym wear that keep you warm in winters. Go for thermals and warm inners. You would want to add a few layers of clothing to protect your skin from the harsh winter as well.

Rainy weather

Especially if you’re working out outdoors, there’s a chance that you might get soaked and fall ill.

So, it’s advised to wear an outer layer like a raincoat that can protect you from the rain.

4. Wear an appropriate footwear

No matter how appropriately you dress for the gym, your all attempts will go in vain if you don’t wear appropriate shoes.

Hence, choose a right pair of shoes for gym. Many famous shoe brands like Adidas, Nike, and Reebok create such shoes. You can visit their store and buy a cool pair.

5. Accessorize wisely

Like I mentioned earlier, feeling comfortable should be your top priority rather than looking good in gym outfit.

So, choose only those accessories that are helpful like a smart/digital watch or earphones. Rest will only be an extra baggage to carry with you.

I hope these tips will help you choose the right outfit for the gym and prevent from looking like a disaster.

Still, if you have anything to share, let us know.