How To Style & Combine an Overcoat part 1

How To Style & Combine an Overcoat

How To Style & Combine an Overcoat part one

So, basically you just put on your overcoat and you go, right? Not quite! An overcoat is an integral part of a classic gentleman's wardrobe but it requires a little bit of thought about your outfit as well as the temperature outside to create an outfit that is both functional and stylish. Things like patch pocket,  notch lapels or toggle closures are all more casual accessories, that you can have on your overcoat.

Overcoat tip: How do you style certain overcoat colors?

First, let's talk about navy because I think a navy overcoat is perfect as the first overcoat in your collection because you can wear it with formal outfits. You can wear it in the evening as well as informal outfits if you choose the right texture of the fabric. So let's say you do not wear suits to the office. A great first overcoat would be one in a solid tan color or in a different lighter color. In terms of color, they go with any winter color and in general with almost any color out there.

Herringbone overcoat tip:

Now, apart from solid overcoats some of the most popular ones out there are herringbone overcoats. Herringbone is a very classic menswear pattern. It is timeless but for overcoats, you want to make sure that it is over-scaled and large, unlike with suits or sports coats where it can be smaller. You can choose a brown overcoat but with flacks in some other colors like blue, green, orange,… That will lighten the entire outfit and it makes it easier to combine with any kind of other colors in your accessories as well as your pants because it is already part of the overcoat and so it ties everything together, and it looks better.