Men’s Hat Wearing Guide 2018: 6 Cool Hats and How to Wear Them

How to get the right hat for your face shape & body type

Men’s Hat Wearing Guide 2018: 6 Cool Hats and How to Wear Them

Whenever we talk about hats, the only thing that we get to hear is:

Who wears hats these days?

I don’t want to look like some old-school guy. The trend is long gone.

Actually, you’re wrong bruh!

The trend of hats is not gone. It’s just that only a few guys have this confidence to wear a hat and pull it perfectly.

And those who’re doing it, look insanely awesome. Consider Johnny Depp who has charmed us with his iconic hat look.

That’s why we have brought you a collection of:

Some really beautiful hats along with tips to wear them perfectly

The list will help you break the trend and improve your style quotient. Now, without wasting any moment, let’s have a look:

1. Fedora Hats

They were very popular once. But they’ve earned a bad reputation over the last few decades all thanks to the style icons who pulled it poorly.

But if worn properly, the hat can ultimately improve your style statement. All you need is to take a few notes.

Whenever you plan to wear fedora hats, pair them with a suit and a blazer. They work awesome in the with layered clothes in winters. For summers, you might want to consider a different a different alternative.

2. Trilby Hats

Trilby Hats are also called Frank Sinatra hats as the legendary musician used to wear them all the time.

They’re a true-gentleman cap which can make you look more handsome in any outfit.

The hat looks fab with a custom-made suit. But you can also don the hat with jeans and t-shirt. It just depends on how you carry it.

3. Cowboy hats

Who’s not aware of these stylish hats?

You can often see iconic stars like Clint Eastwood, Val Kilmer, and Robert Duvall wearing these hats in iconic movies.

The best thing about them is that they can make you look a complete badass if donned properly. Moreover, they look in just about every dress. However, we suggest you wear them with a suit. You’ll kill it.

4. Panama Hats

Panama Hats are larger than Fedora, Trilby, Homburg, and other hats mentioned in the list and are perfect summers.

Not only they protect us from harmful sun rays but also look really stylish. All you need is to make sure you keep your look classic, minimal, and neutral while wearing it.

The best outfit with a Panama hat is a t-shirt, slim jeans, and a tanned smart shoes. You can layer up a shirt if the weather is cool out there. It will add a color to your personality as well.

5. Flatcap & Newsboy

Originally worn by hunters and newspaper boys, these hats are meant for casual settings. The specialty of these hats is that they can make even a simple dress impressive. All you need is to pair it correctly.

We’ll recommend you to wear them with casual clothing and leather shoes.

6. Baseball/Dad Cap

All the above-mentioned hats are cool if you’re going for occasions like a party, a date, or some formal gathering.

What if you just want to lay back and relax? In that case, you might want to look for something more casual.

Well, if that’s the scenario baseball or dad caps are a perfect choice. However, wear them with jeans or t-shirts only. Don’t try to pull them off with a suit. You’ll look really odd.

A million dollar advice on hat dressing

While we may suggest you some hats and give you some tips. You can never know for sure unless you try them yourself. So, give all these hats a try and then choose the one that suits you best.