A Guide To The Baseball Cap

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A Guide To The Baseball Cap

What Is The Baseball Cap?


The baseball cap is basically a part of sports headwear that got extremely popular for the regular, non-sport fashion. Despite that, it still is a true icon of sports. The baseball cap made its debut in 1860, during a baseball championship season, when the Brooklyn baseball team, the Excelsiors, began wearing it in their games. The original design of the cap had a long visor and button top. After a few decades, the cap inevitably became very popular by the 1900s and was the predominant baseball cap until the 1940s. Having a protruding front and rear fastening, the baseball cap was originally manufactured to help shield players’ eyes from the sun.

Over the last 156 years, the baseball cap has been increasingly worn out of the parks, becoming a key part of the wardrobes of not only hip hop artists but the modern hype beast as well. And now that it has become a popular piece in both sports and leisure, the baseball cap has become the epitome of athleisure. The next time you go out of your house, just count the number of people you see wearing the baseball cap and you’ll get an idea of how popular it has become.

Who Wears The Baseball Cap?


Apart from protecting their eyes, the baseball cap serves another purpose for celebrities: it provides them with a camouflage when they wish to go incognito, saving them from the paparazzi and their enthusiastic fans. Having a pressure of looking spot on all the time, some celebrities—such as David Beckham—have to use the baseball cap on their bad hair days. However, wearing the baseball cap is an art form for hip hop artists and, therefore, is a part of their uniform. Whether it is Palace, New Era or BAPE, the cap is now a style signature for many artists, such as Wiz Khalifa, Fetty Wap, Drake and Jay Z to name a few.

How You Should Wear It


You can wear the baseball cap with pretty much anything. Yes, that includes suits too—well, not all suits (it is better if you do not look for any style inspiration in Mr. Trump). The most fashionable way of working a baseball cap into your formal ensemble is with a crisp, clean and monochrome tailoring.

This sports staple has received a luxe spin as brands now design it with suede, leather and wool, making it perfect to style with deconstructed blazers and sports jackets. Just make sure your cap is facing forward.