Three Must Have Dress Shoes for Men

The Essential Shoe Types for Men

Must have dress shoes 1: The Black Oxford Leather Shoes

The grace, shine and simplicity are the things that make black oxford leather shoes a perfect choice for formal events. Whether it is wedding, conference, job interview or funeral, you won’t get better professional look by any other shoes than the black oxfords. These shoes look best when worn with the professional attire. Therefore, you should avoid wearing them casually. The great thing about black leather oxfords is durability, which makes them even more lovable.

Must have dress shoes 2: Brown Leather Brogue

These shoes have an amazing style and a distinctive shape. The best thing about these shoes is that they look great with almost all the colors, saving black. If you buy light brown, they may not get fit with a lot of colors, but if you get medium or dark brown, they can be one-for-all type of solution for you. Moreover, they are amazingly versatile. You can wear them with chinos and jeans and still look cool with them.

Must have shoes 3: Loafers

Not all formal events are alike. Some are more formal while others are less. For strict or more formal events, you have black oxford or brown brogue, but for less formal evens, you need something more subtle, easy and stylish. This is the situation where loafers come in. Loafers are extremely versatile shoes and can be worn at a number of occasions with a number of dress combinations. That’s why loafers are in the list of must have dress shoes for men.
These three must have dress shoes will cover all the occasions where you can possibly wear a suit. If you don’t already have any of them in your closet, get them for you as early as possible. These shoes are durable, so it is a long term investment. Now, they will cost you some money, but in future they will payback in so many different ways.

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There are certain things in life that are not optional. These are called the must haves. When we talk about must haves in dressing, it means they are the essentials of a good dressing. Without them, your dressing game would not be up to the mark. As we have discussed many times before, shoes are one the most important items of your dressing. So, you should not take them causally. Here are the three must have dress shoes for men that you should have in your closet.