The resort attire dress code guide part 3

The resort attire dress code guide

The resort attire dress code guide part 3

Resort attire casual day wear, number 2:

If you wear a lot of solid polo shirts, it can be interesting to mix it up a bit with patterned shorts. You could go with stripes, maybe dots, or classic patterns such as seersucker, checks or Madras. During the day, definitely stay clear of any form of jacket that would be over the top. In terms of shoes, you can wear driving mocs, maybe boat shoes. If you are at the beach and you go from your room to the pool, flip-flops are just fine. Otherwise, if you are in the lobby or the restaurant, flip-flops would not quite be appropriate for a resort attire for casual day wear. Also, wearing ties or bow ties is over-the-top so leave them in your room and save them for the evening.

Resort attire evening wear, number 1:

Evening wear means typically long sleeves, long pants, no shorts. It also requires closed toed shoes which can be derbies or oxfords in brown tones or tans. You can also be more playful, you can go with a pair of spectators, or maybe some white shoes. Something that is more summery and more associated with the tropics. Stay clear of black shoes even in the evening because it is not quite suited to the tropics. A jacket is not mandatory but definitely a good idea. Personally, I always like it because in the evening, it can get a little cooler and it is also much more elegant and stylish. A navy blazer is very versatile and you can wear it. A cotton jacket with a slight check, maybe a fresco jacket in a lighter color is preferable. If you want to, you can wear a seersucker suit but in general, you should stay clear of suits and rather go with combinations.