How to wear, match & pair yellow in menswear part 3

How to wear, match & pair yellow in menswear

How to wear, match & pair yellow in menswear part 3

Colors that go well with yellow, number 5: Burgundy

Burgundy or maroon paired with yellow is very classic and it has these brown tones and because of that, it likewise works very well together. Whether you add some blue to it or you just keep it at that, those burgundy and yellow tones will always look harmonious together. Burgundy suits are the exception to the rule and most men will not have one in their wardrobe. The same is true for yellow, however, it is a great color for accessories to pair together and maybe dress shirts if you choose light pastel tones, and it is a very fall/winter kind of combination and yellow neckwear, or pocket squares, work particularly good with burgundy vests.

How to wear yellow, number 1: Start with accessories

Most men will probably start out wearing a tie or a pocket square in this color because they are very easy to combine with existing color tones and items in their wardrobe. Using them in that way also allows you to experiment with them and with different outfits and combinations. Then, you can maybe add a bow tie, or maybe a pair of socks, or a pair of gloves. Avoid yellow silk ties in shiny satin because they just look cheap. In general, the premise for yellow accessories is less is more. Try to use them sparingly and your overall outfit will be better. Soft pastel yellow and warmer shades that are more muted are much easier to combine than bolder and brighter ones. If you are not ready yet to get a solid yellow necktie, maybe start with yellow in a stripe or yellow in a micropattern of your tie, maybe just get a pocket square in yellow or something in light blue with a yellow edge stitch.