How to wear, match & pair yellow in menswear part 1

How to wear, match & pair yellow in menswear

How to wear, match & pair yellow in menswear part 1

Some men avoid wearing yellow in their wardrobe because they think it is too bright. While I agree, a yellow suit is very extraordinary and flashy, yellow accessories, on the other hand, can bear really well with classic menswear colors. On top of that, yellow just does not come in one shade but in a really wide range of mustard, darks, all the way to light yellows, medium bright yellows, sunflower yellows, chamois yellows, you name it. There is a very broad spectrum often influenced by brown tones, beige tones, and anything else you could think of. One shade of yellow that is really nice is buff, you can also think of butter, maybe ochre and even light tones of brown, such as tan and they have a form of yellow in them. Depending on its tone intensity, yellow can be either treated as a natural or as a strong accent in your outfit.

How to wear yellow in different seasons:

In the spring, a pastel yellow is light and airy. During summer, a silk knit tie in yellow can be a really great accessory versus in the winter, yellows can be a little darker, can have more brown tones such as mustard and you can even wear them as a pair of chinos.

Colors that go well with yellow, number 1: Blue

First of all, the number one classic is to pair it with blue. Honestly, it is the easiest way to pair yellow because the colors are opposite on the color wheel and everything it is opposite from one another always pairs well. It is one of my go-to combinations for yellow. Generally, if you choose lighter tones, blue and yellow no matter if you wear a seersucker or a light worsted tropical suit you can wear them in summer and you can also wear them during colder months.