White tie DO’s and DON’Ts part 4

White tie DO’s and DON’Ts

White tie DO’s and DON’Ts part 4

White tie DON’Ts, number 13: Do not wear notched lapels on your evening tailcoat

Notched lapels are always less formal than peaked lapels and because it is the most formal garment in classic menswear, you could only have peaked lapels.

White tie DON’Ts, number 14: Make sure your shirt does not come untucked

Unlike a regular suit, white tie generally has a lot more details and therefore you also find more buttons that make sure everything stays in place. The stiff front makes it more likely for your shirt to come untucked especially when you sit and you when you get back up. For that reason, there is a little latch that buttons into the front of your trousers, so you will always stay in place.

White tie DON’Ts, number 15: Do not wear waistcoats that are too long

Generally, it's a hallmark of someone who doesn't wear a black tie very often to have a waistcoat that peaks out underneath the front of the evening tailcoat. Having that little extra fabric just says that you do not know what you are doing, and how you are supposed to dress.

White tie DO’s, number 1: Do wear a pocket watch

It is a nice accessory, it has a vintage touch to it, and it is just much more fun than having a wristwatch.

White tie DO’s, number 2: Show shirt cuff

Traditionally, you can show anywhere from nothing to almost an inch of shirt cuff. It really depends on personal preference.

White tie DO’s, number 3: Wear boutonniere and a top hat

Boutonnieres just upgrade every outfit and particularly white tie. A top hat can only be worn with a tailcoat that is long because it is long on top and long at the bottom. Since there are not too many options, you should always go for one if you can get your hands on one that fits you.