White tie DO’s and DON’Ts part 3

White tie DO’s and DON’Ts

White tie DO’s and DON’Ts part 3

White tie DON’Ts, number 8: Do not wear a designer's name or label visibly on your clothing

Sometimes, people get these little tags on the undersleeve, and they want to show off, but it is quite gaudy and you should always remove it if it is on the sleeve. You do not want any designer names that are visible for anyone to see.

White tie DON’Ts, number 9: Do not wear wristwatches with white tie

Back in the day, it was impolite to look at your watch when in a company because it would imply you have better things to do than being with the person right then and there. Later on, watch became acceptable however, you would either wear a pocket watch on a chain and you would have your pocket watch in your waistcoat pocket, and the fob would hang down in a little decorative element. A wristwatch was something that was quite informal, and as such, it is not appropriate with a very formal white tie ensemble.

White tie DON’Ts, number 10: Do not wear a studless shirt and do not skip the bow tie

The stiff is fronted and has little decorative studs that are exchangeable, and it just is the perfect way to highlight a white tie ensemble. For black tie, you have the option to go without studs even though it looks better with them. For the white tie, you have to go with studs. There is no alternative.

White tie DON’Ts, number 11: Do not wear a morning coat

Even though a morning coat is also a tailcoat sometimes, people cannot distinguish between the two, a morning coat has one continuous line that is cut away.

White tie DON’Ts, number 12: Do not wear a cummerbund

Cummerbunds are not appropriate with white tie. They are okay for a black tie but for a white tie, you always wear a waistcoat or a vest.