White tie DO’s and DON’Ts part 5

White tie DO’s and DON’Ts

White tie DO’s and DON’Ts part 5

White tie DO’s, number 4: Be confident

If you are not happy with the way you look and you are embarrassed, it will show and it will ruin the entire look of your ensemble. Wear it, have fun, and be confident.

White tie DO’s, number 5: Wear an evening overcoat and pair it with gloves and a scarf in the winter

When it is cold outside, you do not just want to show up in your tailcoat, you want to have an evening overcoat. A pair of white gloves and a white silk scarf just round out the entire outfit and underline the black and white scheme of the white tie.

White tie DO’s, number 6: Wear an evening waistcoat

Most waistcoats you can find these days are just wide waistcoats that are modified for the standard day wear pattern, however, an evening waistcoat is distinctly different in the sense that it has a much deeper cut out so you can show your shirt front and the shirt studs. On top of that, it has a little tab that buttons into your trousers so it will not come loose.

White tie DO’s, number 7: Wear patent leather evening shoes

The only option you have is either a whole cut oxford or a pales oxford in either black patent leather or black calfskin leather. I prefer leather because it is shinier and more suited to evening wear. If you want to make your outfit more unique, you should go with court shoes or opera pumps because there is not really another chance to wear these kinds of shoes other then with a white tie or maybe with a black tie but they highlight your socks. They are easy to dance with, and they just go really well with a white tie ensemble.