The Best Looks Of Jon Kortajarena

The Best Looks Of Jon Kortajarena

Once upon a time, there was a boy from Bilbao, who had razor sharp cheekbones, a perfect quiff and a slightly arched eyebrow. One day, he became one of the most successful models of the whole world. The boy’s name is Jon Kortajarena.

Jon Kortajarena has been one of the top male models in the world for over ten years now. This has even led him to Hollywood; Jon Kortajarena has starred in Tom Ford’s A Single Man and the hit TV show Quantico. Kortajarena has not let his Hollywood success forget where he came from. He is still a part of the fashion world and in high demand as well. From Versace to Armani to Cavalli, all the big names want to work with Jon Kortajarena. He has even fronted campaigns for many of them. Being surrounded by highly fashionable people and having a career that requires you to look stylish all the time, it is no surprise that Jon Kortajarena has a great personal style. Here are some of his best looks.


Kortajarena knows that a flash of red and a jazzy pattern is more than enough to turn the heads of your fashionista friends, but this look tells us that he also knows that the two will only work if they are balanced and contrasted with a neutral color like black or gray. If you plan to go with an oversized duster coat, know that it will only work if the rest of your outfit is well-fitted. Slim pleated trousers or skinny jeans will do the trick for you.


For a great smart-casual look in the winter, nothing can beat the perfect combination of turtleneck and pea coat. Due to its nautical heritage, the pea coat is usually seen in navy, but style traditions are there to broken. Jon Kortajarena shows us that a cream pea coat can also dazzle if you keep it clean so that it keeps looking like cream.


Being color coordinated is a great thing, but an all pink suit in that shade would make one look a bit too Barbie boy. This shade of pink would not work too well on men with paler skin, but, as Jon Kortajarena has showed us here, it would work amazingly on men with a darker skin tone. However, it is important that you get some contrast in your outfit and white and black are the best colors for that job.