The bow tie guide part 4

How To Tie A Bow Tie

The bow tie guide part 4

Different bow tie materials:

In terms of bow tie materials, there are a lot of them. Silk is probably the most popular and widespread material and it comes in all kind of shapes and weaves. It comes in shiny silk, not so shiny silk, a coarser silk, silks with natural knobs in them and it’s just a wonderful material for bow ties. You can also find linen bow ties, cotton bow ties, blended bow ties, as well as wool bow ties. You should stay clear of nylon or polyester bow tie because it’s just a lower end, cheaper product that will not look nice. Another really great option for bow ties is velvet because it changes the look with the light.

Tips on how to wear a bow tie, number 1: Always practice tying your bow tie

You should practice this because it will be easier to tie a bow tie when you have to do it in some stressful occasion, like a wedding.

Tips on how to wear a bow tie, number 2: Keep it simple

When you’re just starting out, keep it simple. Use classic patterns such as small micropatterns and avoid super loud prints.

Tips on how to wear a bow tie, number 3: Buy moderately sized bow ties

You can wear them now or 10 years from now and they will never go out of style.

Tips on how to wear a bow tie, number 4: Do not go overboard

When you wear a bow tie, keep in mind that it already makes a louder statement than wearing a regular necktie or no necktie at all. Because of that, you should not go overboard with super bright pink colors, lobster patterns, or maybe even patchwork bow ties with seersucker, and other fabrics, because it is simply over-the-top.