The bow tie guide part 2

How To Tie A Bow Tie

   The bow tie guide part 2

Types of a bow tie, number 3: Modern bow ties

For example, with the gaining popularity in recent years you can see wooden bow ties,  or bow ties made out of bird feathers, as well as leather bow ties. They are actually not tied they are simply like a clip-on bow tie they just have the shape of a traditional bow tie. Most of the time these items are very flashy and they will not be an item that is going to be stylish even after 20 years. Of course, if you like them you can go with them but I suggest you stay with traditional self-tie bow ties.

Different bow tie shapes, number 1: Butterfly shape

The first one is the butterfly shape which is called that way because it resembles a butterfly. It is a style that is very nice for evening bow ties. It is tied in a way that the knot is relatively small and you have beautiful wings just like with a butterfly. Also, while cheaper bow ties curve at the outer edge of the bow tie, a butterfly bow ties have straight edges. If you want your butterfly bow tie to stand the test of time, avoid the extremes. Do not go too big, do not go too small, and go with something within the middle-of-the-road. Of course, if you have a smaller head, a smaller bow tie is much more appropriate for you and if you have a bigger head, wear bigger ties that are better for you.

Different bow tie shapes, number 2: Batwing shape

The batwing is basically rectangular that gets slimmer around the neckband but it makes for a bigger knot. Because of that, it can be harder to tie, and it sometimes looks a bit boring but ultimately, it is a very personal choice.