The bow tie guide part 1

How To Tie A Bow Tie

The bow tie guide part 1

Many men avoid bow ties because they do not think they can pull them off,  and they do not know how to tie one, or they think they do not have the occasion to wear one. The truth is every man can pull off a bow tie and wear it well especially if you like classic style.

Types of a bow tie, number 1: Pre-tied bow tie

First, there are the pre-tied bow ties. Sometimes they also come in a clip-on version and they are really popular with men who simply do not know how to tie a bow tie and men who do not usually wear one. There is a simple rule, if you want to be stylish never wear a pre-tied bow tie because it always shows that it is pre-tied and that is bad. Typically they are made of cheaper, less expensive, often times more shiny fabrics and they are very symmetrical. Wearing a pre-tied bow tie makes you look a lot younger and unstylish.

Types of a bow tie, number 2:  Self-tie bow tie

The second option is the self-tie bow tie and as the name implies you tie it yourself every time. It seems very hard, but once you learn how to do it will not be that hard anymore. It is the only choice for an elegant gentleman and sometimes you can even find self-tie bow ties that have a little clip on a mechanism that allows you to remove it so once you tie it once you do not have to tie it again, but changing the look of your bow tie every time gives your outfit a different look and sometimes you can decide to have a smaller bow tie, other times a bigger one depending on your mood.