Clothes layering tips part 5

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Clothes layering tips part 5

Whether you have noticed that or not, you have probably layered a lot of garments. Every time you put on a sweater, a shirt, a t-shirt, and something on top, you're actively layering.

Items you can do layering with, number 3: Sweater

If you want something more casual, choose a sweater, that can be dressed up or dressed down.

Items you can do layering with, number 4: Scarves

You can wear them on top with your overcoat or just hung around your shoulders. You can also just have a loose wrap and it keeps you warmer than without it but it really adds a layer of textured interest. You can go with solid cashmere scarves which are likewise warm. You can go with thinner ones. Printed ones are nice especially double-sided because if you have them on your neck you see both sides and it just creates a visual interest that is different than like a solid scarf could provide.

Items you can do layering with, number 5: Ascot

It is more casual than a regular necktie or a bow tie yet it is much more sophisticated than just going with an open dress shirt collar. It is also easy to really change the entire look of your outfit.

Items you can do layering with, number 6: Pocket square

It can really make or break outfit in a matter of 10 seconds. Never wear a pocket square that matches your neckwear exactly because that would be a faux pas.

Items you can do layering with, number 7: Overcoat

When it is really cold outside you wear it closed and it is warm and nice and it looks elegant. If it is a little warmer you can wear it unbuttoned especially if it is single breasted. If it is double breasted you should not wear it unbuttoned unless you are truly overheating but for style reasons, if you want to wear your overcoat unbuttoned go with single breasted one.