Clothes layering tips part 4

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Clothes layering tips part 4

Types of visible layering, number 6: Pay attention to how layers interact

If you wear a blue tie on a white shirt it looks very different than if you wear a dark blue shirt with a dark blue tie. Because of the lack of contrast, it now looks wrong and out of place. Instead, if you want a darker shirt you have to switch to a lighter tie to create a nice contrast. Some people never wore a tie that is lighter than a shirt, but it can work quite well but it is always easier to combine a darker tie with a lighter shirt. Also, consider the texture of the fabrics. For example, if you wear tweed, it is not advisable to have a knit cardigan right next to it as well as a knit tie because otherwise there is too much texture. Instead, use one item that is textured such as a knit tie, take a cloth that is maybe a flannel that is not as loud, not as textured right next to it and then you can go with a tweed coat because it ties it together better. Avoid bringing two very similar colors next to each other and always add a different layer in between. If you wear white pants and a white shirt there is no contrast, but you can add contrast by adding a jacket in maybe navy blue, and that way you create a more interesting outfit.

Items you can do layering with, number 1: Vest

You can wear a vest that you get from a three-piece suit and combine it with other items such as a sports coat or a blazer.

Items you can do layering with, number 2: Cardigan

It is like a sweater with buttons. Unlike a sweater vest, it has sleeves so when you layer it with a jacket or an overcoat, it keeps you even warmer.