Clothes layering tips part 3

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Clothes layering tips part 3

Types of visible layering, number 4: Two or three patterns in a row

In order to get a great look, you want the patterns to be distinctly different. For example, a striped shirt with a geometric tie. You then decide you want a patterned jacket as well. You want to add a calming solid layer as a vest because it tones the outfit down and ties everything better together. Another way to deal with several patterns is to stick with one pattern such as a stripe. Let’s say you have a striped suit maybe a really wide thick striped tie and a medium striped shirt. It is important to remember that patterns next to each other need to be different in scale. Having a striped shirt that is very similar to a striped suit jacket without any layer in between simply looks odd. The same is true for a striped shirt that has about the same spacing and width as the suit.

Types of visible layering, number 5: Create a bridge between layers with coordinating colors

What I mean by that is if you wear an orange tie maybe add a pocket square that has some orange elements in it and maybe socks that have some orange in it because that ties the outfit together quite well. For example, if you have a blue jacket, a red tie, and a tan vest, If you then get a pocket square that picks up all those colors, it just looks very harmonious. Another way to tie your outfit together is to change the color of your socks. It is particularly easy with two-toned socks because they do not have to exactly match and if you pick out a color at the top part of your outfit that is reflected in your socks, the outfit will look better.