Clothes layering tips part 2

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Clothes layering tips part 2

Types of visible layering, number 2: Contrasting color

Think about a chocolate cake with maybe a white cream and a mocha or hazelnut cream in between. It works because it creates more visual interest. So for your clothes that would mean maybe you start with a white dress shirt, then you wear a blue tie and then you can have maybe a cardigan or a vest in a different color, maybe a brown or a green or maybe burgundy and then on top of it you add another color. If you want you can increase the number of the colors that you want to combine. That is more daring and it can be a little more difficult to pull off but what matters is that you do not have two items next to each other that are very similar in color. Intersperse them with something that is quite contrasting and you will look good. You should look at the color wheel and take complementary colors which are opposite from one another because those work quite well together. You do not have to get an extreme color like an extreme orange or an extreme blue but you can get subdued colors and maybe go for a rust orange rather than a bright orange. There are some combinations in menswear that just go very well together such as an orange tie with a brown jacket or a green or blue tie with a jacket, or maybe a yellow tie with a greenish brownish jacket.

Types of visible layering, number 3: Alternate solids and patterns

It can either be the same pattern, for example, you have a Glen check suit, then maybe a white shirt, then maybe a blue vest and then another Glen check tie. Or it could be, for example, a patterned or striped shirt, a solid tie, a patterned waistcoat and a solid jacket. Of course, it also works the other way around with a solid shirt, pattern tie, solid vest and pattern jacket.