5 Exfoliating Scrubs for Keeping Your Face Fresh and Glowing

5 Exfoliating Scrubs for Keeping Your Face Fresh and Glowing

5 Exfoliating Scrubs for Keeping Your Face Fresh and Glowing

Exfoliating scrubs!

Why do I need them? I wash my face morning and night, apply sunscreen during day and moisturizer during the night.

Do you still think I need to invest in any kind of scrub?”

This was the reaction of my best friend Dave after I told him about exfoliating scrubs.

Even most of you might have the same thinking.

However, what if I tell you that you are wrong?

Just because you’re washing your face twice doesn’t mean that it will be safe from germs, acne, and blackheads. Sometimes, the layers of dead skin cells gather in our skin pores and make it appear dull. It’s very important to remove those dead skin layers.

Exfoliating scrubs do this job excellently. With that being said, they’re not an expense but a necessity.

Now, you might be wondering:

Which exfoliating scrubs should I choose for my skin?

Worry not! We have sorted out everything for you by bringing a list of:

5 ideal exfoliating scrubs for man skin

Have a look:

1. Brickwell renewing face scrub for men

This quality facial scrub from Brickwell serves a lot of functions like cleansing dirt and excess oil from your skin, clearing away dead cells, and making it shiny.

Another major reason we are recommending the exfoliating scrub to you is because it contains pumice, a natural rock that effectively removes dirt and grime from the skin without damaging it. There are also jojoba beads that help in enhancing the scrubbing action.

Also, the facial scrub is 98% natural and 70% organic containing various natural ingredients. So, you can completely rely on them without worrying about your skin.

The scrub supports all skin types.

2. Kyoku for men exfoliating facial scrub

The main reason for choosing this facial scrub is that it contains ingredients that you wouldn’t find anywhere else. See for yourself: volcanic ash, Japanese adzuki bean powder, rice bran, etc.

This means it will offer you the results that you wouldn’t find with any other men’s facial exfoliating scrub.

Another impressive fact: The facial scrub also contains sun-screen with a Sun Protection factor of 15. So, you would also get protection from the harmful rays of sun. It even helps with slowing the aging process of the skin.

So, in simple words, Kyoku is just like the divine touch of Buddha that can heal everything. No wonder you should have it.

3. Scotch Porter Charcoal & Licorice Exfoliating Face Scrub

Blended with a unique mixture of healthy skincare elements like turmeric roots, green tea, charcoal, and licorice root; the scrub is the divine remedy to heal all kinds of skin problems, detox it, and make it shine like a shining star.

The skincare product is said to have some reverse-aging skin properties as well

4. Rugged & Dapper Facial Cleanser for Men

This men’s solid all-around product is suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin.

The facial scrub includes natural ingredients like aloe vera which is rich in antioxidants and willow bark that prevents the inflammation of the skin. Other natural remedies like burdock root, tee tree oil, and vitamin C are also there.

In a nutshell, the beauty product offers a variety of skin benefits and results in a shiny skin. Even the people of old age have noticed a significant improvement with this face cleanser.

5. Ole Henriksen Transforming Walnut Scrub

Ever wished for eternal youth?

Ole Henriksen Transforming Walnut Scrub will grant you this wish. The secret ingredients for this exfoliating scrub will clean dead pores from your skin, remove acne, blackheads, and other skin problems, and provide you eternal youth.

So, which exfoliating facial scrub are you going to buy?