3 Must-Have Trousers For Men

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3 Must-Have Trousers For Men

Not many men know the importance of trousers. A pair of trousers has the power to make or break your look. With changing fashion trends, new styles of trousers keep on coming out, and sometimes it gets hard to keep track of all of them. So here are some new trouser styles that you should definitely consider wearing.

Cropped Trousers


Cropped trousers have been here for a while, and they’re here to stay. They allow your ankles to breathe when the days are hotter and give airtime to your footwear in cooler months. Along with that, cropped trousers can liven up your mundane formal outfit with their unusual look. In addition, a pair of perfectly sized cropped trousers prevents any unnecessary material to gather at your feet. You can ask for a tailor’s advice for the length of your trousers, and if you’re feeling brave, even a length up to four inches above the ankle is fine.

Cropped trousers work well in formal and informal situations both, but they’re better for more casual occasions. For a casual look, sand colored cropped chinos will look great with a simple white shirt, suede bomber and white trainers. For slightly formal occasions, go for a pair of black trousers and combine them with a gray blazer, charcoal turtleneck and oxford dress shoes.

Corduroy Trousers


Corduroy is definitely one of the most underrated and underused materials in men’s style, if not the most. If worn correctly, corduroy trousers can make you look so stylish that you’d want to wear them again and again. Also, there has been a 1970s fashion revival going on in men’s fashion, so this is the perfect time to try on a pair of corduroy trousers. We recommend you to go for wool corduroy as it is the most durable and long lasting type of the material. So other than making you look smart, the trousers will withstand a lot of roughness for you. As they can get a bit warm, it’s better to wear them in the cold months.

Corduroy trousers work really well when they’re worn casually. Team a pair of dark corduroy trousers with a sweatshirt and leather sneakers and see for yourself.

The striped look of the fabric gives a touch of personality to a more formal attire. Combine a slim-fit corduroy suit with a light-gauge turtleneck and monk-strap shoes and stun everybody who sees you.

Wool Trousers


Wool trousers are a favorite of fashion enthusiasts and art directors all around the world. They used to be as popular as jeans back in the day. They are still very popular among industry insiders as they are perfect for both formal and casual looks, and their popularity is on the rise once again.

You may have seen people rocking rolled up wool trousers with sneakers and looking extremely cool. But they work just as well if styled in a more traditional way. For an idea, have a look at Pitti Uomo where they’re often grounded with brogues, derbies or double monks and you’ll understand.