Top 3 Luka Sabbat Outfits

Top 3 Luka Sabbat Outfits

Top 3 Luka Sabbat Outfits

Having a fashion stylist mother and a designer father, it is not surprising to see that Luka Sabbat has such an incredible personal style. The young man has fashion in his genes. Luka Sabbat was first noticed at the age of 16 when he was leaving an internship he was doing in New York, and he has worked hard to remain a fashion icon ever since. He was even called as the coolest teenager in the world, a title that he lost when he turned 20.

The number of his followers has only increased on Instagram ever since he was first spotted. Luka Sabbat currently has 1.3 million followers on Instagram, and his rapid fame has led him to work for big names of the fashion industry like Dolce & Gabbana and Hugo Boss. Not only that, Sabbat has designed the clothing for his own womenswear fashion label. Furthermore, he has starred in the hit TV show Grown-ish. He’s even good friends with Kanye West, Virgil Abloh and Louis Vuitton’s artistic director. In short, Luka Sabbat is crazy successful!

Luka Sabbat has gifted us with so many of his amazing looks that it’s hard to show each and every one of them. So we worked day and night to make the list shorter and came up with the top 3 Luka Sabbat outfits ever. Get ready!


Luka Sabbat has mentioned his move away from high-end brands that he used on his journey to stardom. But that doesn’t mean he’ll throw out his whole branded wardrobe. With his track top from Palace here, he made sure that the logos are subtle. Track tops come into the athleisure category, and the thin nylon versions are very versatile as they look great on their own and also under an overcoat.


Lace has been very common in womenswear, but it’s not something you’ll find in the menswear section. However, due to the rapid changes in fashion, the gender lines are starting to blur. Gucci has been rolling out frilly lace clothes for men for the past few seasons. Luka Sabbat, being a style icon that is not afraid to rock anything uncommon, went for it. It looks great on a catwalk, but to pull this look off in real life is not easy. Sabbat rocked the lace beautifully and brought balance to his look with a simple blue overcoat and a pair of plain dress trousers.


Pulling off a rock and roll look is tricky. Your look should have both flamboyance and effortlessness. Luka Sabbat did a great job dressing outlandish here in a shiny purple three-piece suit. His signature rings and the pendants go really well with this look.