How to wear a vest or men’s waistcoat part 3

How to wear a vest or men’s waistcoat

  How to wear a vest or men’s waistcoat part 3

Never wear a vest with a belt:

The most important thing when wearing a vest is that you never combine it with a belt. That is because it adds a little layer underneath your vest and makes it gap between the pants and the vest and it looks cheap and odd, therefore, either go with side adjusters on your pants or with suspenders but never a belt. If you want to go with vests for your business suits, you should go with single-breasted suits because double-breasted suits will only show a very tiny bit of the vest on top of it. Also, with a double-breasted suit and a vest, you have lots of layers which makes you quickly overheat especially in an office situation.

The color of the vest:

When you start, I suggest going with solid colored vests for business suits such as gray, maybe buff, light blue, or something darker. Let’s say you have a light gray three-piece suit, you can also use that vest and combine it with a charcoal or navy suit. You have to experiment and see what works for you and the situation. When you have a striped three-piece business suit, it is much more difficult to combine that vest with other outfits simply because the stripe usually requires you to wear at least the same jacket. A great way to split up your three-piece suit is to wear the matching waistcoat and jacket with a different pair of pants. Do not do that with a striped suit because that is usually a little more formal but you can do it with small pattern suits such as a houndstooth suit. If you like to wear sports coats or tweed jackets, you can basically go with any kind of fabric and every pattern is okay.