How to wear a vest or men’s waistcoat part 2

How to wear a vest or men’s waistcoat

How to wear a vest or men’s waistcoat part 2

The material of the vest:

In terms of material, I like a white or off-white velvet or mole, simply because it is warm in the winter, it adds an extra layer, and it looks magnificent with any kind of dark suits whether it is gray, blue, or brown. Alternatively, a buff waistcoat or a light gray waistcoat looks really dapper as well, it also is appropriate for business suits, as well as formal morning wear. You can exchange the vest with a stroller suit which is the equivalent to a tuxedo for formal wear or with a morning coat which is the equivalent to white tie when it comes to daywear. If you get a waistcoat in for example sand color or a buff color, you can actually wear that with the most formal outfits as well as striped suits, semi-formal suits, such as brown suits, as well as tweed jackets and combinations. It is probably one of the most versatile colors for vests you can get.

How a vest should fit you:

A vest is a lot easier to fit than a jacket simply because they do not have sleeves and all that matters is the proper length in the front and the back as well as your chest, and you should have a deep cut armhole because unlike with a jacket there are no sleeves and so a deeper cut provides more comfort for your movement. The back of a vest is usually lined with the lining of the suit jacket or if it is a standalone piece, it may be contrasting fabric that can be quite bold, or quite subtle, very similar in color. If you take it a notch up and you go with a custom vest, sometimes they can use the same fabric in the front and the back.