How A Man With A Darker Skin Should Tackle Clothing Colors

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How A Man With A Darker Skin Should Tackle Clothing Colors

You might not believe it, but a darker skin is a blessing when it comes to a colorful wardrobe. A man with a darker skin has many color options. So we decided to pick the best colors for a dark skin so that you only wear what’s best for you.


Colors You Should Wear

The best thing about having a darker skin for a man is that you can wear almost every color out there—red, purple, green, blue etc—and look good! You can either keep it dark by wearing darker colors, like gray and black, or you can go brighter with the help of detailed and colorful patterns. Whichever you choose, you will look great regardless of the season, but make sure that you dress stylishly.

Our personal recommendation is blue. Blue looks fabulous with a darker skin as it allows the blue color to stand out. Go for a dark blue flight jacket with a shearling collar. Because of its classic look and fitted shape, you can add it in your smart and casual ensembles without a second thought. We guarantee that it will become your statement piece for this winter.

Gray is a color that works really well with blue. So combine your blue top with a pair of gray trousers. You don't even have to worry about what shade of gray you should wear—any shade will work. That said, our personal recommendation is that you should go for a darker shade as they work the best out of all shades of gray. As far as footwear is concerned, go with something black, plain and simple with little to no design. This will give you a look that’s formal, smart and stylish.

Colors You Should Avoid

Like we said, “almost” every color looks good on a darker skin, not all of them. So there are a few colors that you must avoid wearing. Looking washed out is not a great idea regardless of the color of your skin. So stay away from colors that are in the same color palette of your skin. This means that you have to avoid colors like brown, navy and black. These colors will wash you out and blend in with your skin tone. That said, it is completely fine to have small amounts of these colors in your ensemble. In fact, we recommend adding small amounts of these colors in your outfit as they do a great job at setting off your look.

Mix The Colors Correctly

Now that you have so many color choices, it is important that you know how to mix them together. A truly stylish man knows how to mix different pieces together and pull off a number of outfits with minimum effort. A great example of spot on color mixing for a man with a darker skin tone is combining a simple red sweatshirt with a pair of wide legged navy trousers. With rolled up bottoms and a pair of slip-on plimsolls, you will look incredibly elegant. This look is simple, stylish and full of color. What else does one want?