How To Wear An Oxford Shirt To The Office

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How To Wear An Oxford Shirt To The Office

There is no doubt that the Oxford shirt is a classic. It is an essential piece of clothing that every man needs in his wardrobe. The Oxford shirt is a versatile option and a stylish change from your everyday work or formal look.

Oxford shirts were created for polo players originally. Its light and breathable fabric made it an ideal choice for sportswear. Today, in an era where fashion is becoming more and more successful, Oxford shirts are worn in a number of occasions from casual to formal. Oxford shirts come in a variety of colors, which only makes them more versatile. It allows one to wear it casually to a party or use it to dress up. Oxford shirts are also famous for their button-down collars, which are often modified in subtle ways for different and newer looks.

According to us, a great and well-structured shirt is the one that you can wear to the office, which means that the shirt should not be too casual or too formal. The Oxford shirt perfectly fits the bill. So here are the best ways you can wear your Oxford shirts to the office and look spot on.


Formal And Stylish

White always works in the office, so you can wear it without having to worry too much. Wear a crisp white Oxford shirt to the office and team it with a pair of smart slim fit trousers and well-polished black shoes. Finish your look with a blazer or a pea coat to level up your smart style. You can use this look for formal occasions outside your office as well.

Loosen Up

Dressing formally every day of the week in the office can get monotonous. To give yourself a much-needed style change, it is completely fine to ditch that suffocating tie. Wear an Oxford shirt with a pair of chinos, and complete your look with a pair of brogues. Add a backpack into your ensemble and your smart/casual look will be perfected.

Dress Down On Fridays

This one is special for Fridays. As you reach the end of the week, that weekend feeling consumes you. With that suit and tie, we don’t want you to suffocate even more by not being able to express yourself with your style. An Oxford shirt combined with a pair of smart/casual chinos and sleek shoes is the perfect end-of-the-week attire for the office. You can be even more casual by adding a backpack.