Hallmarks of a quality tie part 2

Guide on how to wear a knit tie

Hallmarks of a quality tie part 2

Hallmarks of a quality tie, number 4: Construction of a tie

The traditional way to cut a tie is the so-called three fold tie. It is called that way because a tie is folded three times, one on the inside, the second one over and over again so you get a closed seam on the edge. The sevenfold ties became popular. All seven fold means is that your tie was folded seven times and it does not have an interlining so it is all silk which means your tie was produced in a more wasteful way. The hand and knot of a seven-fold tie are just not as beautiful as the one of a three-fold tie with an interlining. There a lot of different ties, four-fold ties, five-fold ties, sevenfold, eightfold, nine fold and six-fold. Do not get fooled by numbers, if you choose a cheaper silk and the knot does not look good, it does not matter how many folds your tie has, what matters is the look and the feel and the quality of the materials used.

Hallmarks of a quality tie, number 5: Interlining

The interlining of a tie is very very important because it helps a tie to drape, but usually, men do not look in that when are buying a tie. That is obvious because on a label, it is always written about the material of the outer shell and the interlining is not mentioned. Most ties contain cheap polyester based interlinings that are thick and so people think a thick tie stands for quality however that is false.

Hallmarks of a quality tie, number 6: Choose handsewn ties

Most ties today are machine made, but a high-quality tie is always hand sewn and hand sewn ties just look much better.