Hallmarks of a quality tie part 1

Guide on how to wear a knit tie

Hallmarks of a quality tie part 1

There are a lot of ties out there and every year, millions more are added but only very few are of such good quality, so many of them are not worth your money.

Hallmarks of a quality tie, number 1: The tie shell

The shell is the outside part of the tie. It is the most important material of the tie. Basically, most quality ties are cut in three pieces. Sometimes makers advertise that they only cut their entire tie from one piece of silk and that is not important if you are looking for a quality tie.

Hallmarks of a quality tie, number 2: Cut on the bias

What is really important is that your tie is cut 45 degrees on the bias because otherwise, your tie will twist and not hang straight and drape very poorly. The tie will twist constantly and that will not look good when you wear a tie. In order to figure out whether your tie has a good cut, you should use a stretch test. The stretch test has two hallmarks, one is to pull the length of the tie and it has to stretch that way. The other is you have to pull at 45-degree angle of the tie and it must not move at all. If you have these two factors in your tie, it was cut on the bias and has good quality. If the tie does not have these two factors, do not buy that tie. A reason why some companies will not cut their ties on the bias is that they can get more ties out of the same amount of fabric, and that way they save money.

Hallmarks of a quality tie, number 3: Silk

When you read the label on a tie it is usually written 100% silk or 100% wool. That only refers to the outer part of the tie.