A Guide To The Flat Cap

“Peaky Blinders” Shows Why We Wouldn’t Mind The Revival Of 1920s FashionA Guide To The Flat Cap

What Is The Flat Cap?

The flat cap is one of the most overlooked men's headgears ever. But you may have seen people wear it a lot in period movies. Many years ago, the flat cap was the favorite headgear of English men, especially those who liked hunting and who had a thing for pieces made of tweed. More recently, in the 1990s, the flat cap saw a decline in its rep as it became the staple headwear of rebellious boy band members with addiction issues and oldies who were starting to lose their sartorial abilities.


In 2016, however, everything changed for the flat cap: the decline of the flat cap ended and it came back in style, showing that a classic piece can never stay out of style for too long. The revival of the flat cap was so powerful that, from the bog, it earned a place as one of the most unusually dapper pieces out there, becoming a sartorial alternative of many headgears such as the sporty baseball cap.

Who Wears The Flat Cap?

It is not surprising that the flat cap is still devoutly worn by influential personalities like Prince Charles and by East Anglian octogenarians. But it is also worn for style purposes by many big stars—David Beckham, Justin Theroux, Idris Elba, Jude Law and Oliver Cheshire to name a few.

How You Should Wear It

It may not look like it, but, despite its country aura, the flat cap is highly versatile; it can be used for different kinds of looks from smart to casual.

As far as the fit is concerned, go for lines similar to the baseball cap, which means you’re your cap shouldn’t be too tight or have a lot of excessive fabric that could cause awkward and unstylish bunching at the top of your head. If your cap is too capacious for your head, its magic will never work.


If you want to see someone pulling off the flat cap perfectly, you need to have a look at no one other than the amazingly talented Cillian Murphy as Thomas Shelby in the critically acclaimed TV series Peaky Blinders. Looking at the way he nails the dapper look, we have only one word: Perfect.


For a more casual look, David Beckham is the best person you can take inspiration from. The man can pair a flat cap with almost anything—from sweatshirts, T-shirts and shirts to over coats, denim jackets and chunky knits.