Can Men Slay in Turtlenecks this Summer?

Can Men Slay in Turtlenecks this Summer?

Can Men Slay in Turtlenecks this Summer? 

Just like time changes, fashion also changes with over and over again and just like me, you all must be thinking whether you try turtleneck this season or not. To be honest, these are perfectly cool and look really hot on almost every man out there, you never know which lady is secretly watching over you while you keep posing yourself unaware of the environment. Let’s have a quick view of turtlenecks, as yes, it is in these days, to learn how to wear them to look cool and stylish. Check it out!

Can We Wear them in Parties?

A big yes! Many designers are introducing varied types of turtlenecks all for your outdoor cocktail parties. Sleeveless turtlenecks look absolutely cool when it is hot outside. For some sexy vibes, wear velvety or rounded around the corner turtlenecks.

Is it not Particularly a Men’s Wear?

No, it is not like that. Besides, it is worn by pretty ladies, you too can have it. Even Drake killed others in his velvet turtleneck in the last track he released. I must say, I am loving it, God knows what you are thinking. Turtlenecks are perfect for both casual and formal wear and if made of cotton material, then you will feel comfortable too. Love yourself, men!

Can We Stay in Style with Turtlenecks?

You can look into the past and find many celebrities impressed everyone with turtlenecks. Bob Dylan looks erotic in a black turtleneck. The Scottish actor Sean Connery never comes low with a turtleneck. Don’t think that they all are 80s men. For the present, you can inspire from Roger Federer adopting a gentleman appearance in turtlenecks.

It has been studied that turtlenecks not only makes you more stylish and chic, but they also give you a mature image of yourself. These studies revealed that mostly turtlenecks are worn by older and mature men. Steve Jobs and Bill Gates loved to wear that. So, why not you too look mature and smart? I believe all of us wants to compete the two above-mentioned men in richness and smartness. All you have to do is to bring a little 70s sensations and turn yourself charming with these summer turtlenecks. And yes, those 70s and 80s people were simpler though, they were cooler than us. What say?!