Best Hairstyles for Men with Wavy Hair to get a Chic Look

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Best Hairstyles for Men with Wavy Hair to get a Chic Look

When it comes to hair, men are rarely happy with what they have. Those with straight hair would kill for the kind of hair that has a bit of volume and doesn’t require so many products. And those with messy and complex curls envy the people with easy-to-comb straight hair. But between the two, there are people with wavy hair. Many might think that a balance between straight and curly hair would solve all the problems, but wavy haired people have struggles of their own, not many though.

Wavy hair is indeed a gift as it tends to be thicker, denser and less prone to thinning. It can even be chemically straightened or permed as well. People with wavy hair should be happy as they share the same hair type as huge icons like Harry Styles and Timothée Chalamet. However, some people with wavy hair struggle with picking a good hairstyle, so here are some of the best hairstyles for men with wavy hair that will surely turn a lot of heads.

Undercut With Fringes


This is a great option for men with thick curly hair. With this hairstyle, you wouldn’t have to wrestle with your hair anymore as it can be easily styled. This look is also very office friendly, so you don’t have to worry about looking untidy at the office anymore.

If you want this look, ask your barber for an undercut with maintained length on the top for emphasis. You can style your hair however you want, but we recommend you to go for a salt spray and finish it off with a shine wax. This look is easy to style, but you would have to maintain it by having it cut about every three weeks or else it will lose its sharpness.

Let It Grow


This look is very similar to “curtains”—basically a longer version of it. For this look, you would need layers and longer hair at the back. The length on the front should be till the cheek bones. Also, make sure that your hair is point-cut for softer ends. If you have thick hair, some slide cutting can take some weight out for a better shape overall.

For the Timothée Chalamet style, you will have to take sections of damp hair and work through, twisting each curl with a hair curling product. You can speed up the process and control the curls by using a diffuser.

Textured Fade


For this look, just go to your barber and ask for a “fade with short back and sides, left longer on top.” Make sure the line at fade point is heavily visible. This can be done by going roughly from grade one to three. Also, if you have a beard, keep it the same length as the shorter hair on the sides of your head. To define the texture, you would have to use a strong matt wax while styling your hair.