How To Keep Tucked-In Shirts In Place

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How To Keep Tucked-In Shirts In Place

Shirts are the most common item of clothing among men and women both. This is probably due to the fact that they are available in shapes appropriate for formal, informal and all other kinds of occasions that lie in between. Despite being such a widely worn piece of clothing, wearing shirts is an art that isn’t very well understood by most men, and by that we mean how to handle their shirts when they’re tucked in.

Keeping a shirt tucked in is, indeed, a tricky thing. Even huge style icons like David Beckham have had their fair share of trouble keeping their shirts tucked in. David Beckham once became so fed up by properly tucking in his shirts all the time that he decided to wear it half tucked in and half out, inventing his famous shirt-tucking style. It’s a style that is seen in fashion events to this day. Anyway, here are some ways that all men can use to handle their tucked in shirts.


Shirt Stays

Shirt stays are the best at what they do: keeping shirts in place under trousers. However un-cool they might seem, they certainly make men look cool by keeping their shirts beneath their suits and tuxedos. Not only do they keep the shirts in place, they’re tight enough to keep themselves in place under the trousers as well. As far as comfort is concerned, there are different shirt stays out there that you can wear on your legs, your feet or even attach to your socks—whichever you feel is more comfortable for you.

Rubber Grip Tapes

We understand if you don’t like the idea of shirt stays, so we already have an alternative for you: rubber grip tape. The use of rubber grip tape is a trick that even tailors recommend to keep your shirts tucked in and make your life easier.

Rubber grip tape is a thin strip of rubber with a sticky back, which can be stuck around the inside of the waistband of your trousers. These thin strips provide the friction required to stop your shirt from coming un-tucked.

Just remember to use the purpose-made rubber material and not the skateboard variety, unless you want to ruin your shirt and want grazes on your waist.

The Secret Buttons

Have you ever seen those useless little buttons lurking on the inside of some of your trousers? Well, they’re more than just decorations. After tucking in, those buttons can be used to anchor shirts in place by hooking the shirt around and behind the button.