Watches talk!

3 Types of Pocket Squares to have for any suit

Watches talk! 

Who would've ever thought that a simple watch you wear everyday can define the kind of person you are? Well as cognitive studies excel their way through the oblivion, we now know that watches talk!

Let's have a deeper look at this sorcery!

Sport watches

Do you like wearing a sports watch more than your Citizen working clock? If you do then we have a surprise for you.


You were never actually made for the 9 to 5 duty hours. Your mind is more inclined towards sport and extra curricular activities. You enjoy your time with you nephew and son by just playing racket ball or teaching them all about baseball. You would rather indulge in the debate about Nets over Knicks rather than wondering if Donald Trump is America’s future or not!

Smartwatch Lovers

Are your coworkers always asking you to let that wrist rest a bit and remove the smartwatch?


I bet if they are you will agree with these certain facts about you.

To begin with, you have a very goal oriented personality. You think you're a perfect fit for 9 to 5 duty. You like working hard and researching about new upcoming technology. You are always curious about what will science bring up in the future. You enjoy talks about technology. You like stay ahead of your schedule. You sometimes or more than usual, you find yourself more of a perfectionist; everything is supposed to be perfect according to you.

Don't ever worry, your kind is inclined towards success, it's on its way stay put!

The Old School Formal Wearers

Do you love wearing suits to work and formal watches to work? If yes, then we've got a quick insight about your personality.


For you perspective matter more than the actual thing. You are ambitious and goal oriented. Success is all you desire and ever think of. You are the perfectionist. Everything should be timely and perfect. You like to keep things in your grasp. You are one confident person who is always ready to fight the battle on their way. You are observant and loyal. For you family is important, the most. You make firm relationships and know how to strengthen ties with people.