5 Little Known Men’s Shoe Brands that Produce Quality Shoes

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5 Little Known Men’s Shoe Brands that Produce Quality Shoes

Which are the most popular shoe brands?

Ask this question and the most obvious answers will be:

Reebok, Adidas, Nike, Woodland, Red Tape, or Converse.

That’s it?

What about the ones that make quality shoes but are not that famous?

Such shoe brands exist. It’s just that we don’t know about them.

But not anymore!

In this post, I am going to reveal 5 such:

Least popular yet quality shoe brands

Have a look:

1. Myrqvist

Myrqvist specializes in crafting incredibly stylish leather shoes having a Swedish touch.

Specialty: Half or full rubber soles that offer complete safety from harsh weather conditions.

So, the shoe not only looks good but also protects you from chilly winters.

2. National Standard

When National Standard was founded in Paris in 2008, no one thought that their shoes will become a mass preference with their stylish looks, great quality, and oh-so-French appeal.

They offer a wide range of stylish shoes but what makes them stand out as a men’s shoe brand are their sneakers — which are minimal and comfy.

3. Shoes like pottery

This Japanese brand has this strange name because each pair of their sneakers is fired in a kiln (a fireplace), hence giving it a flexible and durable finish. From above, these sneakers have a canvas finish — which give you a comfortable feel while wearing them.

Recognizing the sneakers of Shoes like pottery is very easy. They have a blue-colored wax stamp-style icon depicting Uchide no Kozuchi — a magic mallet that can grant your wish.

I am sure that men’s shoes from the brand will grant your wish to look stylish for sure.

4. Casbia

When I showed the sneakers from this Italian brand to my friend — he wasn’t impressed but after a moment he said he wanted to buy them.

Such is the magic of Casbia brand shoes, a seasonally remolded silhouette designed by Italian designer Manuele Bianchi. They look a bit different. Still, we can’t help but feel attracted.

5. Christian Kimbler

Christian Kimbler is a British men’s leather shoes-designer based in Australia. The shoes designed by him are being admired all over the world. People literally go frenzy to buy them.

When you see Christian’s designer shoes, you realize that he’s worth it. They are so impeccable.

Perhaps, that’s the reason he has become a leading shoe-maker in Australia and a celebrity on Instagram as well.

6. Your Shoemaker

This is something I am sharing from my personal experience.

Once, I was so fed up with different shoe brands that I decided to contact the cobbler nearby my house and asked him to make leather shoes as per my wish.

The shoes he delivered looked awesome and were highly comfortable. The sneakers were so durable that I still wear them today after 2 days.

So, sometimes you just don’t need any label on your shoes. Instead, their quality speaks for themselves.

This is what I believe:

It’s very common to always prefer big brands when choosing shoes, dresses, or accessories as we’re always assured that their quality will be great.

There’s nothing wrong in that.

Yet the problem is that in this quest — we often miss trying out things that are different and are of good quality.

For example: You wouldn’t buy a certain pair of shoes because they’re not a big brand.

Now, what if these shoes could level-up your style game and make you appear more attractive?

So, I say: try out everything, experience, learn, and improve. This way you would become a lot better.

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