Everyday wear suits? Wool suits!

Everyday wear suits? Wool suits!

Everyday wear suits? Wool suits!

Wool suits are the best when it comes to everyday use. Now your work requirements are to wear a suit daily to office, obviously you will not prefer to wear your hand stitched silk suit to work.

Wool suits are comfortable, affordable and wrinkle free. Wool suits are made of a cloth which is a mixture of wool, cotton, silk and linen. This combination makes your suit comfortable and best for your everyday use.


Wool suits provide you a variety of subtle quality and colors. They are classy if worn with perfection. They are warm. Not too warm, not to cold. Best fit for any weather. Whether be summers or winters, wool suits will never fail to bring you at ease. Wool suits are super soft and easy to keep clean.


They are water resistant, fire resistant, dirt resistant, antibacterial and also help reduce skin allergies. Wool suits easily maintain their original shape and are very easy to sew as well. So if someone ask you about affordable and durable suits, I am sure your answer should be none other than wool suits.


Wool suits are pretty affordable as well. Well since you are paying for your everyday use, you should pay well so that you get the best quality to keep your suit alive. Wool suits range from $100 to $400 dollars. Collectively this amount seems kind of expensive and luxurize but if you look from a different perspective, you are actually going to wear this suit for the next 50 days and it will not wear off. So it kind of seems reasonable. Which it is, of course.


Many people might debate over wool suits and polyester suits. In my point of view, it is a matter of fact that the suit durability depends on the area you reside in. What kind of weather you face, what kind of work you do etc. Wool suits can be worn extensively around the globe, they are lightweight and durable.


Polyester suits have ran out of fashion, with the same old heavy cloth and silk piping on the insides. On the other hand they are a bit cheap but not as much as lasting as wool suits. Polyester loses its affectionate color scheme and shade after a few runs. So if you really want a durable suit, wool suits is the new cool!