5 Men That Have Slayed Your Screen With Their Suits

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5 Men That Have Slayed Your Screen With Their Suits

Showcasing their talents, every actor needs to look good on the screen. Here are few actors who worn suits and carried them well enough to become fashion icons.

Gabriel Macht


Our favorite lawyer, our very own Harvey Specter. Not only did Gabriel showcase his talent for acting but also with a display of handsome suits and heart robing personality Gabriel managed to work his way to the fashion industry. With his arrogant, sassy attitude towards life, he has shown everyone who's the real boss.


Cillian Murphy

Cillian was last seen playing Scarecrow in Batman - 2008, after which his splendid performances in Peaky Blinders as Tommy Shelby has left people breathless. Not only has he acted top notch but he is looking great in his suits. Confident, direct and subtle at the same time.


Patrick J. Adam

A young guy finds himself in the office of Harvey Specter and you guys know the rest. We have loved, cherished and idealized Mike Ross, whether be his acting aur the suits he wear, he has always look great. A lawyer needs to look good and I guess Mike took that too seriously.


Tom Hardy

Handsome as the saying goes, 5’10” feet tall Tom Hardy hold a suit as his prestigious winning prize. He has perfectly carried the look, looking bulky but not too much. Strong, in the character and amalgamating essence to the character. Tom Hardy is seen wearing a great collection of suits from the old English book, looking sassy and badass.


Neil Patrick Harris

When it comes to suits, bow down to the glorious God of suits, the one and only, our favorite playboy, Barney Stinson. Throughout the entire sitcom Barney has worn tremendous collection of suits since suits are cool! Exhibit A! Suit up Ted Mosby, the night is going to be legen-wait for it - dary. Barney Stinson was a character that connected to us, made us happy, fill with joy, cried together and several other feelings.

Barney Stinson used to love his suits as if they were his kids. In one episode he is even seen with giving his tie a proper funeral. Could he be more crazy? I bet no.

Think of me like Yoda, but instead of being little and green I wear suits and I'm awesome. I'm your bro - I'm Broda!” Barney Stinson - Neil Patrick Harris