Always look fresh!

Henry Golding, The Rising Style Star

Always look fresh!


Many of us guys never ever actually care about our skin and whatever dust does to our face. We don't see the outcomes of it but they actually make us not look fresh.


Looking fresh is the key to opening up to new relationships and well being of the previous ones!


Step 1

Always take a nice warm bath everyday before going to work. Taking a bath accelerated the sore muscles and the laziness in your body. Resulting in better body language, therefore looking fresher than usual. Plus cleansing your aura is as important as breathing.

Step 2

Breakfast! Never skip breakfast. Now elders have always been telling us to never skip a meal and specially breakfast, it's because a healthy meal every morning gets your body the energy to regulate around the day.

Step 3

Eat fresh fruits. Well as the saying goes an apple a day keeps a doctor away is not totally useless, you see. Fruits provide your body the required vitamins that nourish your skin complexion and skin cells.

Step 4

Wear deodorant. People usually judge others by the way they smell. Honestly, no one likes to stand and chat around with people who smell bad, smelling good is a blessing. Embrace this blessing, find the deodorant that suits your personality. Deodorant not only makes you smell better but also attract people towards you. The attractive you are, the successful you’ll be.

Step 5

Wash your face regularly. A gentle smile and a clean face is all you need to have a confidence boost. Just like we observe the minor details of people, sorry to break the bubble but others notice you the same amount. Washing your face regularly gives you a fresh look and since you're at it, try keeping a nice face wash with you. Whatever helps you cleanse your face better, since the fresher you look the better you work!

Step 6

Now this one might seem a bit out there but this is true. Have you seen those cartoons where they show a tired guy, drinking coffee with overgrown beard? Yes! Exactly! Shave your face every morning. It takes less than five minutes to shave the beard away, but if you don't an entire day of tiredness follows you around.


Look fresh, work hard and claim whatever is yours!