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  • How To Get A Tie Dimple

    Hallmarks of a quality tie part 4

    Choose what kind of a quality tie you want:

    There are two types of a tie, a lined or unlined tie. Most ties have a tip lining to simply cover up their interlining which is oftentimes very thick and of poor quality. If your tie is untipped the tip is thinner because you simply have the outer shell fabric without the extra layer of interlining. It takes more time and skill to have an untipped tie than a tipped tie. If you like a heavier tip, you should get a tipped tie, because an untipped tie is simply thinner. Some people think it is flimsy look, in my opinion, it is airier and a little lighter and especially great for spring and summer seasons.

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  • How To Get A Tie Dimple

    Hallmarks of a quality tie part 3

    Hallmarks of a quality tie, number 7: Stitch

    You can find two ways to stitch a high-quality tie. One is the so-called loop stitch because it shows a loop at the end. One end going back to the other end leaving an additional reserve for the thread so the tie can stretch without ripping the thread. The other way to sew a tie is to simply have a thread and a knot at the end and to leave a reserve of the thread. In my opinion, the loops are just slightly better. At the end of the day what really counts is the flexibility and you get that with the stitch as well. The only problem is that the knot is not big enough, you can pull it through the hole and the tie can come undone or even worse, it rips.

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  • Guide on how to wear a knit tie

    Hallmarks of a quality tie part 2

    Hallmarks of a quality tie, number 4: Construction of a tie

    The traditional way to cut a tie is the so-called three fold tie. It is called that way because a tie is folded three times, one on the inside, the second one over and over again so you get a closed seam on the edge. The sevenfold ties became popular. All seven fold means is that your tie was folded seven times and it does not have an interlining so it is all silk which means your tie was produced in a more wasteful way. The hand and knot of a seven-fold tie are just not as beautiful as the one of a three-fold tie with an interlining. There a lot of different ties, four-fold ties, five-fold ties, sevenfold, eightfold, nine fold and six-fold. Do not get fooled by numbers, if you choose a cheaper silk and the knot does not look good, it does not matter how many folds your tie has, what matters is the look and the feel and the quality of the materials used.

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  • Guide on how to wear a knit tie

    Hallmarks of a quality tie part 1

    There are a lot of ties out there and every year, millions more are added but only very few are of such good quality, so many of them are not worth your money.

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  • Top 8 slippers to keep your feet warm this winter

    Top 8 slippers to keep your feet warm this winter

    A chilly winter evening!

    You have just reached home after a tiresome day at the office. Now, it’s time to unwind that long coat, office dress, and slip into something more comfortable like slippers.

    These are the house-specific version of shoes that are cozy, lightweight, and more comfortable.

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  • Khaki pants guide for men

    Khaki pants!

    Most people don’t like wearing them.

    Perhaps, it reminds them of school days, the days when our moms used to dress us up semi-formal for the church, or it makes you think of boring managers and boring executives.

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  • “Peaky Blinders” Shows Why We Wouldn’t Mind The Revival Of 1920s FashionA Guide To The Flat Cap

    What Is The Flat Cap?

    The flat cap is one of the most overlooked men's headgears ever. But you may have seen people wear it a lot in period movies. Many years ago, the flat cap was the favorite headgear of English men, especially those who liked hunting and who had a thing for pieces made of tweed. More recently, in the 1990s, the flat cap saw a decline in its rep as it became the staple headwear of rebellious boy band members with addiction issues and oldies who were starting to lose their sartorial abilities.

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    David Lynch Standing Out with His Signature lookBest Menswear Pieces That Get Better As They Age

    The best things you buy in life get better with age: wine, wallets or cast iron pans. This is a rule that is equally true of the enduring clothing pieces in the male wardrobe. We live in a world where many fashion pieces die quickly so we can buy more of them. However, it is comforting to have some staples that stay with us for a long time. So here are the best pieces that will become better and better with age, just like you.

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  • Three Must Have Sport Jackets for Men

    Three Must Have Sport Jackets for Men

    Must have sport jackets 1: The blues

    The first must have sport jacket in our list is a nice blue jacket. Blue sport jackets look good on almost any outfit. You can wear them with jeans, khakis, army green and you will look amazing. They can upscale any outfit in a wonderful way, but you should avoid wearing them with black pants. There are plenty of blues available in various styles, so get the one you like and shine in blue.

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  • Can Men Slay in Turtlenecks this Summer?

    Can Men Slay in Turtlenecks this Summer? 

    Just like time changes, fashion also changes with over and over again and just like me, you all must be thinking whether you try turtleneck this season or not. To be honest, these are perfectly cool and look really hot on almost every man out there, you never know which lady is secretly watching over you while you keep posing yourself unaware of the environment. Let’s have a quick view of turtlenecks, as yes, it is in these days, to learn how to wear them to look cool and stylish. Check it out!

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