Rules For Wearing A Longline Fit

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Rules For Wearing A Longline Fit

Needless to say, longline clothing is not easy to pull off, but, if done right, it can make other men try to copy your style, which we all know feels pretty amazing. Wearing longline fits is a trend; however, not many men can nail the look. This is because there are some rules that one must follow in order to make longline clothing work. Don’t worry; although it is highly important to follow the rules, they are quite simple and easy. Let us show you.

Patience Is The Key


If you’re new to the longline game, we advise you to be careful. When going for silhouettes this long, it’s easy for a shirt to look like a dress. To avoid that from happening, you should start slow before stuffing your wardrobe with longline clothing.

For starters, go for a dropped hem T-shirt, jacket or coat. Pick a length that is slightly longer than what you usually wear, familiarize yourself with it by wearing it a few times and then add more inches in your newer longline pieces gradually.

Not For The Office


A longline piece injects effortless and carefree style into your look, so wearing it to the office is a no-no. Your boss won’t be happy to see you in a longline shirt. That said, longline pieces can work in a slightly formal off-duty occasion. In situations like those, go for a shirt layered underneath a longline jacket. This will show that you understand fashion and know how to play around with it.

Balance Is A Must


The key to pulling off longline garments is to give them the center stage while having the rest of your pieces to support it and balance your look. Going with all oversized pieces will only make you look and feel like you’re stuck in quicksand made of fabric. This rule is simple to apply. Make sure your jeans or trousers are slim when you’re wearing them with a longline T-shirt or shirt, for example.

This rule is even more important for people who aren’t very tall. They should avoid shortening their legs by swapping them with a hemline that’s too low. Instead, a longline cardigan with a regular T-shirt is ideal for them as it enables them to follow the trend without losing any precious inches.

Go Monochrome


Going for longer clothing is already a bold step for men, so adding busy
prints and patterns or flashy colors makes it a bit too much for the eye. A better way is to stick to pieces with block colors in shades that are a little understated yet fashionable, like navy, black and white.

Fabric Is Important


Longline pieces don’t look good with all fabrics. Due to their drape and stretch, cotton and synthetics work well as a longline fit. Even linen and denim look quite nice as longer garments. What you must avoid is corduroy, textured weaves and ribbed fabrics or any other fussy fabrics.