A Guide To Styling Tank Tops

A Guide To Styling Tank Tops

A Guide To Styling Tank Tops

From being a popular underwear piece to being an acceptable casual attire option, tank tops have come a very long way from a style perspective. Tank tops become an important article of clothing during summer months, and it is the practical ease of their wear that has made them so popular. But before someone puts them on, they need to follow certain rules. Tank tops are a highly casual option and there are not many places where you can wear them. So here are the right occasions for tank tops and how you can style them.

Tank tops come in many different fits. You must choose the right fit and follow that fit’s rules.

Slim Fit Tank Tops


You need confidence to wear a slim fitted tank top outside of the house. Go for a heavier fabric, such as ribbed cotton, that adds more depth and texture. Apart from adding depth, the fabric will nipple-proof your look.

If you’re a fan of Marlon Brando, pair a plain white tank top with linen cotton trousers. Tuck your tank top in or wear one that sits at your waist height. Wearing a belt is up to your mood. Complete your look with plimsolls, boat shoes or flat moccasins.

Slim-fit tank tops are great for layering. They provide the cooling value that a regular cotton T-shirt can never provide. Wear it under a blazer, jacket or even a shirt, making it hard for people to tell whether you are wearing a tank top or a T-shirt.

Loose Fit Tank Tops


This is probably the most worn fit of the tank top. The comfort of this fit makes it the go-to summer clothing. A relaxed-fit tank top looks best when it’s printed or colored. It works well with both bold and subtle designs, so you can wear a loose fit tank top whether you like Bretagne stripes or geo-prints.

Pair your tank top with a well-fitting pair of shorts that end a few inches above the knee. To avoid any extra bulk, steer away from shapeless bottoms like long-length board shorts or cargo pants. Finally, finish it off with a pair of minimal trainers, boat shoes or even leather sandals if you’re brave enough.

Longline Tank Tops


Just like tight-fit, longline tank tops can be worn solo, but they are also great for layering. You can wear them underneath a bomber jacket or a loose-fit cardigan. You can pair these tank tops with track pants, cropped relaxed-fit trousers or even skinny jeans. Longline tank tops look the best with a monochrome outfit, so keep your tank top colorless with only simple prints in gray, white and black.

Appropriate Tank Top Occasions

Always pay close attention to where you are wearing your tank top. The right places to wear a tank top are the beach, the pool, the park. However, you must not wear your tank top to any heavily populated area, like a shopping mall, restaurant, the bar or anywhere similar. At the very least, you must wear a shirt or a relaxed blazer over your tank top.