How to spot a good quality suit part 6

Suit Up, Men! You Might Get an Unexpected Occasion Call!

How to spot a good quality suit part 6

Hallmarks of a good quality suit, number 11: Grinze

If you have an Italian-made garment or anything from southern Europe, chances are you will see a kind of wavy pattern of fabric in the back. Sometimes you can see it in shirts but also in suits, as well as sleeve hats, what I mean by that is a slight puckering which is produced by adding more fabric, let’s say the sleeve hat or the back in the shoulder. Some people like that because I think it adds a nonchalant sprezzatura element to their garments, other people who are maybe of a Viennese school, maybe a German tailoring school, or English tailoring school, think it is not proper. In any case, you know it is a more expensive garment because usually, that is done by hand and cannot be done in a factory really, and therefore, it is a good hallmark to see it but it is not very reliable because it is only seen in southern Europen or Italian suits.

Hallmarks of a good quality suit, number 12: Buttons

A good quality suit has high-quality buttons. The standard is horn buttons and sometimes in Savile Row houses, they only have two holes versus the majority of all suits including some other bespoke suits, have four holes. If you have two hole buttons that have a slight indent, chances are it is a high-end suit. Even if you find four holes, it can be a high-end suit, it can be made from Corozo which you can see in Italy a lot, sometimes people even go with mother-of-pearl, even precious metals such as gold. The hallmark of a horn button, or a Corozo, or a mother-of-pearl button, is that they are not consistent versus cheap plastic buttons often look exactly the same. Those will also break versus horn buttons.