Bring Class to Your Suit, Wear a Watch!

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Bring Class to Your Suit, Wear a Watch! 


Every young gentleman that walks the path of success knows the importance of time. If you want to see how well organized a person is, look at him managing time. Wearing watch represents a profound personality.

There are two kind of watches, ones that go along with casual dressing and the others that go along with formal dressing.


Formal Watches:


Now formal watches also have several types. Now keen watch wearers are inclined towards wearing branded watches. According to watch people, brands are as important as the time-telling device. The expensive the watch is, the better features and the more beautiful dial.


Now what does a formal watch needs to have?

A formal watch must be. Digital watches are for kids, men don't need digital watches. Secondly, if a watch has a beautiful chronograph installed, it's the one for you. Now usually when you buy an original watch, the date log comes along the chronograph.


For people who love watch, brands are very important. The top brands being, Casio, Tissot, Omega, A. Lange., Cartier, Bulgari, Patek Philippe, Seiko and everyone's favorite Rolex.


The band of the watch matters a lot too. It depends on you if you want to wear a steel strip watch or a leather sown watch. Nowadays leather band watches are preferably more worn in comparison to steel bands. They seem to be more classy and to be honest, they are in fashion right now!


Informal / Casual Watches:

It's Saturday night and you're out partying with your friends, obviously you won't wear your presentation suits for a hangover, you'll prefer to wear comfortable and lighter clothes. Similarly, you don't have to wear your Rolex to the parties.


Casual watches come in all shapes and dials. They work irrespective of chronograph, date log etc. They are not obliged to have a steel or a leather band. Denim bands are quite in lately. The dial can be casual too, with numbers falling out or Batman flying out of his Batcave. Any would do. But please don't wear a red watch, it's just absurd and an insult to watches.


Smartwatches are quite the trend setter as well, they have remarkably made their tremendous place in today's market.


Casual watches can be worn to every sort of party but there are few exceptions, don't wear a casual watch to a ball or an oprah. That’s just not classy at all!