How to spot a good quality suit part 5

Suit Up, Men! You Might Get an Unexpected Occasion Call!

How to spot a good quality suit part 5

Hallmarks of a good quality suit, number 9: Buttonholes

A good quality suit will always have handmade buttonholes that are a piece of art. If they are machine made, they should be of the highest quality, have a very fine stitch, have maybe a gimp on them, and you can sometimes see it on bespoke suits, but most of the time, it is a hand stitch buttonhole. How can you identify one? Turn it on the backside and you will see a slightly irregular stitch versus in the front it looks very irregular. Also sometimes, it is raised such as for example, a Milanese buttonhole, it is a finer silk thread with a gimp underneath and it certainly looks very different than a regular bespoke buttonhole. On the other hand, a cheaper suit oftentimes has fraying buttonholes. The stitching is not as fine, it is very irregular, at the front and back, and that is how you can identify if it is an expensive suit or a cheap suit.

Hallmarks of a good quality suit, number 10: Fabric reserve

Sometimes, an expensive suit has a half lining or is completely unlined and then you can actually look in the back seam in the center. If there is a fabric reserve, you know you can only test that if you hold it against the light source if there is a lining, but an easier way to check the fabric reserve is the pants. Just flip them over and look at the sides and see if there is some fabric reserve. You want at least two or three cm or one inch sometimes, there are two inches of reserve and it shows you that it was made by a quality maker because cheaper suits usually save on the fabric and it does not give you any room to expand or tailor a suit.