How to spot a good quality suit part 3

Suit Up, Men! You Might Get an Unexpected Occasion Call!

How to spot a good quality suit part 3

Hallmarks of a good quality suit, number 5: Inside stitching

Look at the stitching on the inside, a good quality suit will usually have a fair amount of handwork in it, that means, the lining is sewn by hand. You can check it on the sleeves, you can check the armhole which should be set in by hand and you can look at the little details and see whether it is a hand stitch or a machine stitch. The character of a hand stitch is that is slightly irregular, the hand stitch is more flexible than a machine stitch and because of that, it moves with you which makes you look better and feel more comfortable. In the same vein, when you have the suit in front of you, you can flip over the lapel and look for little pick stitching in the back. That is done when you have an interlined canvas and it gives you that lapel roll that is so desirable. On a cheaper suit, you get flat ironed lapels and that is not what a tailored garment is. Sometimes you can see the stitching very clearly, other times you can just slightly feel it and slight dimples from the back but it is hard to see because either the thread is too fine or it is the same color, or it is just not so obvious. High-end expensive suits should always have either a full canvas or no canvas at all that is all sewn. There should be no glue involved, not even a half canvas suit.

Hallmarks of a good quality suit, number 6: Collar

Look underneath the collar. Pop open your collar and look carefully how it is sewn on. A cheaper or inexpensive suit will be machine sewn versus a quality high-end expensive suit will be hand sewn. With little practice, you can determine what is a hand sewn collar, because again, you see irregular stitches.