How to spot a good quality suit part 2

Suit Up, Men! You Might Get an Unexpected Occasion Call!

How to spot a good quality suit part 2

Hallmarks of a good quality suit, number 2: Rounded corners

On the custom-made suit, the tailor took very good care to round the corners, and you will see the same rounding at the tips of the lapels which is where most companies do it, however, they do not do it at the bottom of the jacket or at the ends of the sleeves. Of course, that alone it is not a quality hallmark but if the corners are rounded, it just tells you that the rest is of high quality as well.

Hallmarks of a good quality suit, number 3: Pick stitching

Pick stitching is a slight stitching along the edge of the suit. Some nifty Germans developed a machine called the AMF machine and it creates a stitch that looks like handmade from afar but generally, it is very obvious. You can really spot it when you turn it around and look at the stitching from the back. Traditionally, a suit from England, or let’s say Germany, had a very subtle stitching that was only noticeable upon closer inspection. Italian suits, on the other hand, may have more flashy pick stitching and usually, you find it in the areas of the lapel and the collar all the way down the front quarters. Sometimes, you can also find pick stitching along the back seams, as well as the sleeves and if you encounter that, you know it is a quality suit because that is not something that is done on inexpensive garments.

Hallmarks of a good quality suit, number 4: Material label

A high-end suit brand such as Ralph Lauren purple label will have material labels with 100% wool. They may give you super numbers, they may have cashmere in it, the lining is usually made out of silk or cotton, but never polyester or nylon, even viscose is a lower-end option, so look for these materials that are good.