How to spot a good quality suit part 1

Suit Up, Men! You Might Get an Unexpected Occasion Call!

How to spot a good quality suit part 1

Hallmarks of a good quality suit, number 1: Label

A good quality suit label can tell you a lot. Whether it is a brand that produces off-the-rack suits or higher-end made-to-measure suits, if you know the brand, you know exactly what kind of quality level it is at. For example, for Ralph Lauren there is a purple label which is their highest line and the most expensive one, black label is less expensive and tailored with a trimmer fit, Polo Ralph Lauren is again less expensive and then they have lower-end lines, like Chaps from Ralph Lauren which is a really low-end. On the other hand, double RL has kind of a vintage aesthetic, it is also a little more expensive. So understanding the brands that you are interested in and whose aesthetic you like is paramount in identifying an expensive suit. If you are into vintage quality, if you are lucky, sometimes you can find a custom or bespoke suits at tailors. Now sometimes these come from different countries. If it says custom tailor or bespoke tailor, chances are it is a higher-end suit. Also, the address can help if something says Savile Row on it or Via Monte Napoleone in Milan, you know it comes from an expensive street and chances are it is an expensive garment. On most bespoke suits, you cannot see the label right away, therefore, you have to look on the inside pockets.

If you cannot find a label on a good quality suit:

Do not be fooled if you can not find any composition labels or fabric labels because most bespoke suits will not tell you what fabric it is, or what material composition the lining is made of, so if you have looked inside the pockets and inside the entire jacket and you can not find any care labels or material labels, chances are it is a very expensive suit.