Zayn Malik And His Style

Zayn Malik And His Style

Zayn Malik And His Style

Zayn Malik is arguably one of the very few artists who got way too popular in a very short amount of time, and it’s all because of his amazing music and style. As far as his style is concerned, he always managed to stand out even beside his former One Direction bandmates, so much so that he created a separate fan base for himself. This is not an easy feat as one of his band mates was Harry Styles who is another huge style icon with millions of fans. Zayn Malik keeps stepping up his fashion game and has now added big names, from Louis Vuitton to Gucci, in his wardrobe. The era of T-shirts with unfunny phrases and baseball caps is gone; Zayn Malik has a smarter and more mature sense of dressing now. Not only that, he is also not afraid to take any risks with his style.



Due to his unstoppable rise as a pop star, Zayn Malik is seen attending more and more red carpet events for quite some time. In a situation like this, Zayn had no choice but to level up his suiting even more. For that, he wears suits from the best brands out there, but the most appreciable thing is that he always gets the fit just right. Zayn Malik knows that a double-breasted jacket can give his slim frame the much-needed V-shape. Zayn also knows that everything else needs to be well-fitted too, or else he’d look swamped.



Malik knows when to wear shirts and when he can ditch them. He does wear his fair share of shirts, but he also never wants to miss the opportunity to wear something different. When he’s wearing a suit, he often replaces the traditional white shirt with a turtleneck or a floral shirt. This is a great way to make your suits more exciting.



Zayn Malik’s outerwear game is always on point. Zayn is often seen wearing a casual bomber jacket in his down time. He knows that the easiest option for him is a bomber jacket when he’s out on the streets or on stage. Also, he is increasingly seen in contrasting sleeves that give him the opportunity to try different styles and colors. On the other hand, he opts for something smarter when he’s dressed up, such as a long overcoat by Louis Vuitton.

Black Outfits


When Zayn doesn’t want to go bold, his favorite choice is an all-black outfit. Zayn knows that an all-black outfit is the easiest to wear. However, this doesn’t only apply to suiting; it can even be a simple black T-shirt with a pair of black skinny jeans and/or a black leather jacket. Sometimes, for a bit of a mix up, he chucks in a little bit of color in his all-black outfit usually by using some jewellery or a floral shirt.